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Swim Timetable
Lane Swimming

Please view our Lane Swimming timetable at the top this page. You may need to scroll through the images to see the various timetables as we operate a different timetable during term time and school holidays.

Customers attending the lane swims must be able to swim 25m continuously and unaided so this session may not be appropriate for all swimmers. 

The pool will be split in to lanes marked with speeds, the general etiquette we request customers follow is: 

  • there will be a maximum of 6 people allowed per lane
  • choose your lane using the fast, medium and slow signs, and by watching those already swimming to judge the most appropriate lane for this visit. 
  • all swimmers must swim anti-clockwise
  • please do not overtake while swimming
  • before pushing off at each turn, check to see if anyone faster is approaching
  • if you are using equipment such as kick boards or pull buoys, consider moving to a slower lane temporarily, if there is space, so you do not hinder other swimmers taking full strokes.
  • always attempt to maintain appropriate distance between yourself and another swimmer.
  • Wide strokes such as butterfly may not be appropriate depending on how busy the session is.
  • If you change to a slower stroke as part of your session, think about moving lanes.
  • Whether stopping for a rest or catching your breath after completing your length, please be mindful that others using the lane will want to keep on swimming without stopping. Keep yourself to the edge of the lane allowing others to turn at the wall.
  • Please be respectful of all others in the session- everyone has a right to enjoy their swim within their own speed and ability.
Lane Swim From 01/04/24
Adult (16-65) £6.60
Senior (66+) £5.25
Junior (6-15) * £4.75
Accessible Swim £1.70
Carer Swim £2.05

* Swim Academy children are able to attend these sessions free of charge. Please log in to your child's account to access this pricing. If booking directly with reception please make it clear at the time of booking as we will not retrospectively refund.

Public Swim Sessions

Please view our Public Swim timetable at the top this page- you may need to scroll through the images to see the various timetables- we do run a different timetable during term time and school holidays.

Please note the following with regards to Public Swim Sessions:

  • There is a maximum of 50 people in the large pool at once and 24 in the small pool.
  • You will be required to select a pool at the time of booking and you will not be allowed to change pools during the session. If you are issued a wrist band at Reception please ensure you wear it during the session.
  • Swim sessions are included in Active Teen, Swim Only and GSC memberships you must log in to book as each person to ensure correct pricing.
  • Swim Academy children are able to attend these sessions free of charge. Please log in to your child's account to access this pricing. If booking directly with reception please make it clear at the time of booking as we will not retrospectively refund. 
Public Swim From 01/04/24
Adult (16-65) £6.60
Senior (66+) £5.25
Junior (6-15) £4.75
Infant (0-5) - booking still required Free of charge
Accessible Swim £1.70
Carer Swim £2.05


Wet 'n' Wild

Come along to our Wet 'n' Wild sessions and you can enjoy the floats, balls and inflatable obstacle course in our swimming pool.

A separate ticket must be purchased for this session, if the person has attended the previous Family Fun Swim, they will be asked to vacate the area while the inflatable is set up. 

Children must be able to swim 25 metres unaided and in deep water to be able to go on the inflatable, a swim test is performed at the start of every session to ensure that those attending can meet this standard. 

Please note that we occasionally have galas, special events and unexpected occurrences that means we cannot run a Wet 'n' Wild session. Unforeseen circumstances may mean that we have to cancel a Wet 'n' Wild session without notice.

Wet 'n' Wild is for children aged 8-15 only. Adults are not permitted.

Session price: £5.30

Do check our booking system for up to date session timings and availability. 

As this is an age restricted activity, the account you are using to book must belong to someone aged 8-15.

Please note: Wet 'n' Wild is not included in Teen Sport passes.

Do be advised that there is no guarantee of how many 'turns' a child will have on the inflatable as each individual will participate at a different speed. The current inflatable has some tricky obstacles so their 'turn' will likely last longer but please do help to manage your child's expectations prior to the session to avoid any disappointment.

We are aware that some families book multiple slots for an informal birthday party, but please do keep the above information in mind. You may prefer to book an exclusive Wet and Wild party instead. 

Adult and child swimming

You and your child can come along and join in with fun games and songs whilst getting to know other parents in the local area.

These sessions are a great introduction to building confidence in the water and work as an excellent stepping stone towards our swimming lessons.

Sessions cost £6.00 and take place every Thursday, during term time only.

Times Session
9.30am to 10am 0 to 12 months
10am to 10.30am 12 to 24 months
10.30am to 11am 24+ months 
11am to 11.30 am Twin Swim 18+ months

Only one child per adult in the water, except in a Twin Swim session, where one adult will accompany per two children in the water. 

There are limited spaces, so please book your space online and arrive no more than five minutes before the start of your session.

Pool Safety

Industry recognised swimming guidelines and recommendations are in place across all the BCP Leisure Facilities for your own personal enjoyment, safety and that of your fellow swimmers.

So that everyone can enjoy our swimming pool, please ensure you follow these guidelines.

Children aged 5 and under can swim for free during public sessions when accompanied by an adult.

Children under eight years must be accompanied in the water by a responsible person of 16 years or older, with a  maximum of one adult to two children. It is recommended that non-swimmers wear arm bands.

Nappy Policy

All babies, infants, young children and people who are incontinent should wear Swim Nappies underneath their swim suit or a special purpose in-built nappy swimming costume.

Swimwear Policy

Only swimwear manufactured for use in swimming pools will be acceptable. 

We also stipulate that garments worn are of a respectful nature to align with our community and family friendly atmosphere.

We reserve the right to request that garments deemed to be inappropriate are changed or the user to leave the session. Examples of this may include garments that are transparent, or do not adequately cover the genitals.

We appreciate that ‘acceptable’ clothing choices can be a subjective matter but generally if the outfit being worn is likely to cause offence, discomfort or upset to other pool users then we would tend to say this is not appropriate for our community facility

Here is a list of generally accepted swimwear:

  • bikinis
  • burkinis
  • swim trunks
  • swim costumes
  • speedo type shorts, above knee level only
  • all in one fitted swimsuits manufactured for the purpose of swimming.
  • 'rash vest' type tops manufactured for the purpose of swimming
  • baby suits for children up to one year old
  • swimming hats.

An exception may be taken into account to this policy concerning the wearing of shirts during public sessions. However, this decision will need to be made by the Duty Officer, Senior Duty Officer or General Manager.

Wetsuits, flippers, large inflatables, balls, hand paddles and snorkels are not permitted, unless in a structured session.

Swim nappies as well as a range of goggles and armbands are available to buy from reception.

A band system will operate in the swimming pool area at busy times.

Please inform the lifeguard on duty of any medical conditions you have.

Children entering a changing room of the opposite gender must be under eight years of age and be accompanied by a parent or responsible person aged 16 or over. You may prefer to use our accessible changing room (located by the entrance to the main hall) where there are no such restrictions.  

Anyone having experienced diarrhoea should not enter the pool until 48 hours after the symptoms have stopped.

The program may change at any time without notice, subject to the management’s discretion.

The purpose of this policy is to help safeguard all swimmers. It is not intended to stop anyone enjoying swimming or cause difficulties for parents.

Junior Swim Academy

Our swimming lessons are based on the National Plan for Teaching Swimming, a framework produced by the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA). Lessons run on a continuous basis with a 2 week break for Christmas and Easter.

All academy members will be required to wear a swim hat during their lessons. This can be purchased from reception (£2.50), or you are welcome to buy your own from elsewhere.  

We recommend that all customers read our pool guidelines (above) prior to visiting our swimming pool. 


Lessons must be paid for by direct debit with our great value for money Junior Swimming Membership, for £34.10 per month. 

Joining our Swim Academy

We use a software program called Go Learn which gives customers far more flexibility to enroll their child on our Swim Academy as well as track their progress. More information about the benefits of this software can be found on our news page

For new customers - Our Go Learn portal is open! Here you'll be able to browse for suitable classes for your child and book them in while setting up their Direct Debit membership. 

If you are unable to find a suitable class at this time, please do continue to check back as availability changes on a daily basis. 

Please take time to look at this overview to ensure that you are selecting an appropriate level of class for your child's current age/ability. 

Existing Swim Academy members- 

Progress and skill development will be recorded during each lesson ensuring child's abilities are continually monitored, parents can view their child's progress via the Go Learn Portal

Once the child has met all of the criteria the parent will receive an email inviting them to visit the Home Portal to select the new level to move up in to. The email may not come immediately after the child reaches 100% as there may not be any available spaces at that time. 

If your child needs to move day or time due to other commitments (but remain in their current level) please visit Reception to add your details to the Waiting List. Alternatively you can email with the requirements. You cannot use this process to move UP a stage. 

If we need to cancel a lesson for any reason, the registered email address will receive an email notification. Direct Debits are adjusted for the next viable collection to reflect any cancelled classes.