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Team2RM are Green2RM

BCP are one of 5 UK towns and cities praised as global climate leaders by carbon disclosure charity CDP on their ‘Cities A-List’.

BCP's 'Climate Action Strategy (draft) can be found here

BCP0466_Climate Action strategy_Draft 20 Feb 2023.pdf (

As part of BCP, 2RM align our own plans and strategies to contribute to this bigger picture. 

Over the last year or so, we have completed the following initiatives:

  • Conducted travel survey which resulted in successful funding application and installation of new secure bicycle store.
  • Phases 1 complete and Phase 2 now underway – Plantroom upgrade.

Following the unprecedented rise in energy costs, the recent failure of plant items together with their inherent inefficiencies compared to modern alternatives, the plant room at the 2RMLC required refurbishment. This includes installation of new controls and monitoring to enable full control of all the operational plant within the centre to reduce overall energy consumption but also create a platform whereby renewable technology will be utilised, using existing and new technologies to further reduced energy consumption and therefore reduce carbon omissions which is a clear commitment of this Council.

  • The existing boilers are non-condensing with an efficiency of 75% based on gross calorific value changing to condensing boilers will improve the efficiency to 96%, a saving of 21%. This work will also dramatically reduce our carbon emissions. 
  • A new pool cover has been ordered. The new, modern version of our existing foam cover is easy to operate to ensure the heat of the water is retained and humidity within the Pool Hall controlled, again bringing about immediate savings.
  • Refrained from draining the pool during our bi-annual pool maintenance. Found alternative methods of repair and maintenance of the pool including specialist divers and technicians that worked with the water in situ.
  • Installation of Clenzair Technology in our gym and indoor cycling suite: This reduces gases, vapours and vocs by over 80% without the use of cleaning chemicals.
  • Eliminated paper leaflets and flyers from our reception area. Customers are now redirected to our website and laminated single copies to photograph on their phones should they wish to access the information at their convenience.
  • Upgraded our LED lighting in many areas both internally and externally around the complex.

The reduction of carbon omissions remains one of our highest objectives and will continue to explore funding opportunities and new technologies that will enable us to do this.