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Gladstone Go Book Opening Times
Go Book time change

We've recently been involved in a range of discussions with customers providing feedback on our booking portal which we launched in March 2023. 

Generally the feedback has been excellent and we're really pleased with the way it has improved our customers journey and ability to successfully use the system to achieve their required actions. 

One recent system update has meant that the advance booking period opening times were altered- giving exactly 10 (or 7 or 3) days advanced booking to the exact start time of the class. We have become aware of how this has impacted customers ability to book- particularly when booking classes which take place straight after each other- as you're having to log on multiple times within an hour or so to secure the spaces. 

This has also impacted some of our Aqua and Indoor Cycle customers in particular, where the classes are typically running at the same time on multiple days a week  because the customer is inside the class at the time the booking is opening in 10 days time! 

Therefore we are pleased to announce that we have been able to make a global change to the time in which bookings will open. Customers will still receive the correct number of advance booking days (10 for members, 7 for priority members and 3 for non members) but all the bookings for that day will open at 07:00 regardless of the time the class takes place. 

This change will come in to affect from Monday 10th July.

We hope you will find the change to be more suitable but as always we will continue to monitor the feedback and aim to make adjustments as appropriate.

Many thanks


Published on 04/07/2023 by Nicola, Senior Duty Officer- Customer Services